• Types of pp & pet category belts

  • A variety of cartons and packing boxes

    انواع کارتن و جعبه های بسته بندی
  • Types of saltwater flexo composites

    انواع مرکب فلکسو آب شور
  • Types of industrial and laboratory devices

    انواع دستگاه های صنعتی و آزمایشگاهی


Arash Group honorable was able to achieve exclusive prosperities in the arena of provision and production by using the modern science and technology of the most successful countries of all around the world. In the dynamic, changing, high risk and highly competitive environment of today’s world, it’s not possible to be hopeful about customer satisfaction by using the old solutions and tools. Arash Holding has always believed that the customer satisfaction comparing to products qualities plays a more strategic important role in the way of its successfulness. We know our professional morality and assigned responsibility to our policy because we believe in our products. We hope for a suitable way of improvement and development of customer’s satisfaction to become existed by using Continuous communication and suggestions and we are still about to expand and upgrade activities of the Holding consistently.
Arash Holding Management

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Production Services

Arash holding by relying on knowledge and experience could be able to serve its customers in different arenas such as design and production of industrial machines, wrapping straps, industrial inks and paints, handicrafts, apparel (clothes) and dried fruits. This Holding with the target of self-sufficiency in Iran has proceeded to produce and distribute high-quality products and special services based on this rule by utilizing experienced employees and extensive business connections in accordance with client’s opinions.

خدمات تولیدی آرش
خدمات بازرگانی آرش

Trading Services

Arash holding has focused on offering the production with modern technologies therefore we have always tried to provide different and newer types of similar products. In this process the factors of time, accessibility of extensive distribution network, the behavior of personnel to clients and upgrading the level of special services has been showed as the differentiation of the company in market. And caused this Holding to offer confident and high quality products to its customers based on the related standards.

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In addition to production and trade, Arash Holding also offers other services to our dear compatriots. Some of our other services are listed below. For information on our other services, send us the form below.

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