Types of industrial and laboratory devices

laboratory equipment
In Arash Production Unit, with experienced scientific members, the best environment to achieve methods
It is scientific and realistic to improve the quality of products. Having a well-equipped laboratory in composite, paper and cardboard production units is one of the necessities that precise control over manufactured products leads to cost reduction in all sectors. On the other hand, it increases production capacity and ensures the sale of products. Arash’s competent team combines long experience and technical knowledge. You can use this innovative and mixed power with a sense of responsibility and motivation at any time to work with Arash Group.

Cardboard crushing resistance tester
Stretch and pressure resistance bending test machine (in a variety of horizontal and vertical models)
Transparency meter
Thickness measuring device
Paper napkin softness gauge
Rupture resistance test
Sheet test machine
Carton box pressure resistance tester
Shine meter
The device determines the amount of water absorption cobb tester
Perforation resistance
Air permeability
Determine the roughness of the paper

  • Lighting meter and determining the amount of white and opaque paper
  • Measure the remaining ash in the carton
  • Free Carton Fall Test
  • Depression testing device
  • Carton vibration test
  • Wear test
  • Paper making machine
  • Device for determining cracks
  • Paper dough baking machine
  • Paper dryer