Liner paper:

These papers share some properties such as moisture resistance or inherent strength of fiber fibers with surface paper, but do not require a suitable filter for printing or coating with dyed fibers for bleaching for printing and so on. These papers can be made from 100% recycled fibers, but they must be hygienically in good condition because in some cases, contact with food products can cause bad odors and unpleasant odors in these materials. The papers used in the middle layers of the five-layer and seven-layer cartons are of the same type, in which case they only play the role of binder and bulk. Most paper mills produce paper for cartoning. This type of paper is produced as a single layer.

A variety of cartons and packing boxes

Today, all large and small production units are looking for a stylish and durable packaging, most of which are made of cardboard. From biscuit packs, pastries and pizza boxes to home and fruit cartons, all need a carton. You can order the carton you want with any type of dimensions and specifications requested at a reasonable price and in the required number.

Liner test paper:

Linear test paper is used in the manufacture of cardboard sheets and due to the quality of liner test paper, it can be used in both top and bottom layers. Linear test paper, which is used as the top layer of cardboard sheets, has special technical specifications. For example, the water absorption of the top layer of liner test paper is less than the bottom layer. The low water absorption of the top layer of liner test paper is good due to the protection of the carton from the absorption of ambient moisture and printability, and the higher water absorption of the lower layer is due to better adhesion on the flute paper. Also, liner test paper has good surface resistance for high quality printing. Heating, paper width and all quality parameters are provided according to the opinion of esteemed customers.

Flute paper :

The congress layer in the congressional cardboard is used as a corrugated layer between two layers of paper. The congressional layer gives the carton the resistance it needs. The most important properties of this type of paper should be stiffness and resistance to crushing and breakage. Flutting paper should have a higher water absorption than liner test paper, because very low water absorption prevents the glue from penetrating the paper. Due to the fact that the flute paper acts as a shock absorber on the cardboard sheet and its congressional structure should be able to play the forces applied to the package. Therefore, this type of paper must be able to have static resistance and reversibility after application after applying environmental forces.