Types of pp & pet belts

Polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) belts produced by Arash Group of Companies are the most common types of packaging belts that are compatible with all straps available in the market. This type of belt is a good choice for packing and carrying lightweight goods and heavy pallets. Polypropylene packaging belts are produced in two types, automatic and semi-automatic. This type of belt and pet belts have high durability, tensile strength and welding point. Thickness, common sizes and colors are provided according to the opinion of esteemed customers, which can be placed on bobbins with different diameters according to the consumer’s demand. This type of belt is used in the packaging of all kinds of tiles, ceramics, food, card making, home appliances and other materials such as wood, paper, steel, stone, hardware, boards and chipboard and textiles.