History of Arash Holding

Arash Holding GroupWith its extensive investment in manufacturing and packaging industries, as well as in distribution and sales networks in and outside the country, to benefit from unique criteria.

The economic advantages and distinctive services of Arash Holding Group have made the group grow much faster than the market.

Holding ArashWhile respecting the issue of quality and quality of its products, has paid special attention to creativity and innovation in its activities and production of its products. It also has a special reputation in many countries of the world due to its extensive and extensive services to customers and considering its continuous growth and development policy.

Consumer trust, confidence and loyalty in Iran and around the world has made Arash Holding Group feel a much heavier responsibility and has caused this service group to focus on domestic products with more seriousness and perseverance. The needs of consumers and all these efforts are for the satisfaction of customers who are the most valuable wealth and assets of Arash Holding Group.

Not only in terms of production, sales and distribution of products, this company has been firmly in charge of the entire market leadership in the range of its products, but also in terms of availability of goods by consumers, Arash Holding Group is superior to others.

Management of Arash Holding

About Arash Holding

Arash Group is proud to have a unique experience in the field of supply and production with many years of experience, using the latest knowledge and technology of the developed countries of the world. In today’s dynamic and changing environment, risky and competitive, with past solutions and tools, we cannot hope for customer satisfaction. In such a situation, a successful organization is able to keep its customers satisfied by providing creativity and innovation. Arash Holding has always believed that customer satisfaction with the quality of products plays a very important strategic role in success. We know our professional ethics and our commitments, and we have made responsibility our policy because these products are the belief of our collection. We hope that with continuous communication and suggestions,More customer satisfaction is provided and we are still determined to expand and enhance the activities of this holding.
Respectfully yours, Arash Group Management

هلدینگ آرش

Effective purposefulness and planning, faith and determination to achieve the set goals, employing experienced and caring colleagues, using new methods of design and production and customer focus are among the important factors in the strategy of Arash Holding Company.

Arash Holding Company It has defined its management goals as follows:
● Strong communication with customers and their satisfaction
● Producing products in accordance with national and international standards
● Establishing continuous communication with scientific and research centers
● Job creation of the country’s young forces
● Increase organizational knowledge in order to improve the level of knowledge and skills, employee commitment and more responsibility

Having high quality, both in the technologies used to produce products and in using the best raw materials to produce products, ترین has been the most important reason for the success of Arash Holding Company in a competitive market.

Obviously, by taking a step towards the above goals, we will become one of the top and most advanced companies in the world in various dimensions.

Management of Arash Holding

Business Partners

Atieh Radin Shaya

لوگو هلدینگ آرش

Avizhe Radin Shaya

لوگو هلدینگ آرش

Covered companies

Arash Holding Co., with several years of continuous experience in the field of international trade, has succeeded in attracting a significant share of the export and import of goods and services of our dear country by employing the country’s native experts as well as modern knowledge and technology in this field. Gain with countries such as Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, UAE, China and some European countries. Arash Holding has a collection of companies in various fields such as Flexo Abshour and WaterProf composites, various types of packaging belts (pet-pp), nuts and dried fruits, industrial packaging cellophanes, various industrial and laboratory devices, types Carton and packing boxes have been widely used. With the aim of self-sufficiency, our beloved country of Iran is determined to expand its activities.